Psychological Testing

I do not charge an hourly rate for psychological assessment services. In order to fully understand a child, I prefer that each child work at a comfortable pace, and I am willing to split the assessments into briefer sessions, if needed. Also, I value the flexibility of adding supplemental testing measures based on information being learned through the process, without charging you unexpected fees. I do not provide you with an “estimate” and then a larger bill, because your child may have taken longer than expected to complete the tasks.

  • Initial Consultation = $250
  • Full Psychological Evaluation (IQ, social-emotional, academic, etc.) = $2450
  • Brief Psychological Evaluation (e.g. only diagnostic clarification) = fees are agreed upon at the initial consultation, based on the referral questions.
  • Some people prefer not to pull their children out of school for testing and request weekend appointments. I am occasionally able to accommodate a limited number of such requests. This involves an additional fee of $100 per day.

I accept payment by cash, check, or major credit cards. Currently, I do not accept insurance, but can provide you with billing statements if you’d like to seek reimbursement from your insurance company. If you are considering reimbursement, please discuss this with your insurance carrier prior to initiating the assessment, so that you have an understanding of how much they will reimburse. Usually insurance will not cover testing related to academic concerns, but may reimburse for a portion of testing related to diagnosis.

*** Prices are subject to change