Psychological Testing

Initial Consultation: This initial session is for parents only. Please bring in any records and documentation you have on your child, relevant to health, learning, or social-emotional functioning (e.g. physical exam, vision/hearing exam, previous psychological evaluations, psychiatric evaluations, occupational therapy evaluations, speech-language evaluations, report cards, teacher reports/notes… or anything else that you feel would be beneficial to build an initial understanding of your child’s history). The purpose of this visit is to discuss your specific reasons for testing, and to determine if a full evaluation is indicated.

  • If we decide to move forward with testing, we will set our first appointment for you to bring in your child. I will provide you with certain forms to complete at home. If you consent to communication with your child’s school, we will discuss forms/assessments that will get sent to school for completion by your child’s teacher(s) or appropriate staff. If your child tends to be nervous around new people or situations, we will arrange for you to bring your child in for a brief, friendly introduction. Familiarity with me and my office may help ease your child into the assessment process.
  • Sometimes at this visit, it is determined that a full evaluation may not be indicated. If this is the case, I may provide you with a few verbal recommendations that may be useful in supporting your child’s academic and social-emotional success.

Administration: The length and number of face-to-face testing sessions will depend on your child’s needs as well as reaction to the testing process. A full psychological evaluation can span approximately 6-10 hours of face-to-face time (usually spread over 2-4 days). A brief evaluation (e.g. high-achieving child, assessed only for diagnostic clarification) is notably shorter.

Once all data is gathered, I analyze the results and prepare a detailed report. A full psychological evaluation consists of the following: review of background information; reason for referral; behavioral observations during assessment; intellectual functioning; behavioral-social-emotional functioning; academic functioning; summary; recommendations; appendix of scores.

Feedback Session: Approximately 2 weeks after all tasks have been completed and all information has been gathered, I meet with parents to share results, answer questions, suggest recommendations, and provide a full written report.