For your information, many “geniuses” have actually researched scientifically and proven that many vaccines safely prevent lethal diseases, as smallpox, meningitis, pneumonia, etc. By the grace of God he was given a final transfusion and his failing health turned around. Apr. We thought it was a good idea to protect him as we have wildlife on our property. Vaccines are a money maker for the vets and that is why they push them. After fighting quite a bit with the vet, i finally could obtain a written exemption of any further vaccinations . Veterinarian Patricia … 4. Directions: Aseptically rehydrate the freeze-dried vaccine (Vanguard L4) with the sterile gel provided, shake well, and administer 1 mL subcutaneously or intramuscularly. My girl border collie who was very strong healthy and vibrant showed benign symptoms of lethargy and not wanting to eat (she can be finicky sometimes, so we weren’t extremely alarmed). Occasional epidemics may increase the number to 100 or more per 100,000 people. A further 29 practices reported having seen a case within the last 15 years. Vaccines against leptospirosis reportedly are associated with “as many or more adverse reactions than occur for any other” optional vaccine on the market. They don’t love our animals, we do, so it’s up to us to do the research and say no when we think it’s not right. My heart goes out to all of you who have dogs that were hurt and are suffering from the effects of this vaccine. Meanwhile, $1500 later, I still believe with all of my heart it was the vaccine that started everything. I always wondered if the two were connected. I have also observed other “poor veterinary medical science” linked to the Mercola site in the past. Most of the lepto scare is being perpetuated by the people who stand to profit from vaccines. She stopped eating and lost 30% of her body weight over 6 weeks while thes struggled to find anything wrong. I feel horrible after reading all these comments. Nobivac Lepto 4 Vaccine (L4) You may have heard of a new vaccine on the market, the Nobivac Lepto 4 vaccine produced by MSD Animal Health, we have put together this information sheet to help you understand what it all means.. What is leptospirosis? So far so good. We have 4 dogs that went in for a rabies shot. Our 6 1/2 year old was experiencing lameness & found out she had platelet issues. For more information about rodent control, see: Prevent rodent infestations. 2 Becker K. This Vaccine Can Impair Your Dog’s Immune System. The vet who treated him was not the same as who gave the shot (though in the same vet practice) diagnosed pancreatitis. I know I’m my heart that vaccine killed our girl. My wife brought Mishka home at approximately 6:00pm and noticed that she was panting heavily. over a thousand dollars later, we have our poodle home with two anti seizure meds given all through the day. Since it’s only been 5 hours, I’m just hoping it’ll get better. They refused to fully pay for a necropsy (autopsy) to attempt to find the cause of her death. To help prevent Leptospirosis infection, keep rodent problems (rats, mice, or other animal pests) under control. He had never done this before. We had to rush to the vet. My vet said I need to start thinking about putting him down. My dog developed Pancreatitis 1 year ago after receiving the Lepto shot. Identifying the vaccines given to your dog As shown above, all vaccines are known by an initial to save saying or writing the whole name of all the vaccines. After much celebration just three weeks ago today we lost Payton. But there killing my younger Sister s dog. They will not get this shot, and quite possibly not get any vaccinations (except rabies, I guess I don’t have a choice about that). I am crossing my fingers and praying that nothing happens to him in the up coming days, and months. And the vaccine only covers four of them: Leptospira Canicola, Grippotyphosa, Icterohaemorrhagiae and Pomona Bacterin. A porous filtration membrane selectively removes extraneous proteins, salts, and solvents Introduction of the organism through skin woun… I have a female Jack Russell/ Ray Terrier who will turn 12 in June. She never said a word about possible side affects. The leptospirosis vaccine is a non-core vaccine, which means it is an optional vaccine that dogs can benefit from based on risk for exposure to the disease. He had no platelets and his blood count was extremely low. Only 13 practices reported a case within the last twelve months, of which only five had lepto confirmed by a laboratory test. Chris Bradley, the Veterinary Adviser for MSD claims: “Yes, there is the odd case that may have a possible link to (L4) vaccines but the incidence is so low, it’s not considered significant. 6 Guthrie A. WSAVA Slams Daily Telegraph Story About Leptospirosis Vaccine. He had a bad reaction from the vaccine and I had him treated but he now has become very aggressive. At the time I thought he was just being kind. As you’ll see below, the lepto vaccine involves a high level of risk for your dog. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates the worldwide prevalence of leptospirosis in humans at 0.1 to 1 per 100,000 people in temperate climates and 10 or more per 100,000 in tropical climates. My pomeranian was not a good candidate for this vaccine. I think it’s disgusting how Vets are trying to cover up what is happening to dogs after having the Lepto. Fight for your fur babies. Maybe the UK government will take this dangerous vaccine more seriously than the government here in the US … because, as you’ll see, nobody seems to be concerned about how dangerous this vaccine really is. She couldn’t even walk, stand up or focus at 90 minutes after seizure. Absolutely a lie. Every time we try to wean her off her platelets drop very low. My Blake got this vaccine because the vet said since I had squirrels on my porch it would protect him….never got this before. Veterinarians generally decide whether or not dogs are good candidates for the vaccine by assessing their specific risk levels. We lost our GSD – Wren – 5 years ago yesterday. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. I was floored. She just wasn’t the same after the second, little signs here and there. I won’t consent to vaccinating my pets at all. MSD funded a 2014 project headed by Christopher Ball from the University of Liverpool. I don’t want anyone to go through this with their furry family members. They survive in water such as streams, ponds and puddles, especially during warmer, rainy seasons. “At my dog’s most recent vet checkup, I requested that only the rabies vaccine be given. So why are so many people trying to make dog owners vaccinate against lepto? Vets, many of us being pet owners ourselves, completely understand the upset and concern when pets are unwell, however vaccinations save lives and are an important tool in keeping animals healthy. In order for a vaccine reaction to be reported, a veterinarian would have to first recognize it as a vaccine reaction. My dog went into a chock 2 hours after the vaccination . The only 2 times my dog had to have a rabies vaccine was those times I (unfortunately) HAD to bring her to the vet for physical issues that I couldn’t address at home. A white foamy substance began to build up around her mouth and while seizing she urinated and defecated on herself. Occasionally, the vaccine does not protect at all. The leptospirosis vaccine is a non-core vaccine, so it's not required for all dogs. Dogs suffering from the peracute form of the disease may show severe symptoms such as: Unfortunately the peracute form of the disease is very hard to treat, even with intensive care.Many healthy dogs (and humans) exposed to Leptospira may not show any symptoms or become ill. Think very seriously before consenting to your pet receiving this drug, I am convinced it is responsible for my dogs blindness and nobody will help ! And he was a healthy dog prior to the vet convincing our son that this vaccine was required. I just want others to make an informed decision. This was in November…I took Blake into the vet to get ready for his dental and they found he had zero platelets…I was totally confused…so I started doing research on the vaccine and found many dogs also came up with the same diagnosis..he was never sick a day in his 11 years…a few of my friends told me their vet would never give it…its nasty….now Blake can’t have his dental is on antibiotics and prednisone…I’m hoping this works…he has had a slight increase in platelets but a ways to go…I’ll never give him this shot again…I’m heartbroken…, Lisa – I hope Blake has bounced back. Reports say that since its introduction to the UK in 2014, over 2,000 reports of adverse reactions to Nobivac L4 have been received by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate, which regulates UK animal drugs. I contracted it 19 years ago in Hawaii. But the recent deaths and illness of the dogs in the UK are showing us that the lepto vaccine isn’t as safe as the vaccine manufacturers would have us believe. The WSAVA even claims that leptospirosis vaccines “can be associated with adverse reactions” and are “associated with as many or more adverse reactions than occur for any other” optional vaccine on the market. If you really want to know how prevalent lepto is in your area, you can research this through your local public health department. I believe these veterinarians are building up their businesses in big expensive, high-tech buildings and they have to pay for it somehow and one of the ways is to vaccinate our pets for everything they can think of. According to the Cuyamaca Veterinary Hospital, “ The vaccine for Lepto is very effective (this is a newer vaccine). Leptospirosis vaccines are species-specific so you’re hoping your dog picks up the right one (the 4 in Nobivak4 means 4 different strains are boosted for, it used to be 2). A report does not mean causation.”. I am now giving him subcutaneous IV fluids, anti-nausea medication and an appetite stimulant trying to get him back to where he was. Leptospirosis Burden Epidemiology Reference Group (LERG). So let’s do the math. Same for traditional vets , who , like pediatricians , get office visit fees every time you bring your dog in for a battery of shots . the dog … I am wondering if what is going on internally with her is the result of 15 years of vaccines, and sadly, my ignorance. The vet said no way it could be the vaccine because the drug rep would have told them if there were potential side effects, especially to the degree of death. Leptospirosis is a treatable bacterial infection that can be contracted by dogs through contact with the urine of infected animals. Of the 472 questionnaires he sent out, only 89 were returned. The reaction, they said was not sever as yet and they felt it would not be (if it hadn’t happened already…). She has been seizure free foralmost a month–and even if she has them again in the future we will opt for homeopathic anti-seizure remedies instead of the harsh anti-seizure meds the vet suggests. Leptospirosis is uncommon in areas where widespread vaccination of dogs is routine. American Veterinary Medical Association. But when they were asked for evidence of this claim, they admitted it wasn’t based on research, but on anecdotal reporting from vets. So we only know how many dogs had antibodies to lepto, not how many dogs were actually sick from it. Click Here to grab our free Vaccine Guide and our handy chart will tell you instantly). Rabies vaccination This is not required in the UK and is only needed if you wish to take your pet abroad. Nobivac L4, a new tetravalent vaccine against leptospirosis, was introduced in 2013 to cover newer strains of the bacteria found in Europe, and reports have since accumulated indicating that the vaccine has caused so many deaths and severe adverse reactions that the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) has warned against using it in puppies younger than 12 weeks of age, though other sources say the WSAVA disclaims that statement, and the vaccine is in fact routinely given to very youn… Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. His breeder works gun dogs up on the North Yorkshire Moors and around here all the vets I checked with are using Lepto 4 as I understand that the extra 2 strains of leptospire covered by the newer vaccine have infected some dogs in this region. 5 Reasons To Give Your Dog Lion’s Mane Mushrooms, Blood In Your Dog’s Urine? My heart grieves for all you and your dear animals have suffered. The entire reason the lepto vaccine is being pushed so hard is because of apparently anecdotal claims of just how prevalent lepto really is. It can also be passed to humans, so you’ll want to be extra careful around your dog if he’s diagnosed with lepto. They would yelp in pain. Fifteen minutes later I pulled up to the house and there was a pool of vomit in front of him and he was feeling embarrassed. I am sure it was the vaccine. Try to avoid letting your dog drink or swim in stagnant water or flooded areas. Zoetis was the manufacturer of the vaccine and on its website it states: “only for healthy dogs”. I hope your pup is doing well. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association’s information of leptospirosis, symptoms may include “fever, shivering, muscle tenderness, reluctance to move, increased thirst, changes in the frequency or amount of urination, dehydration, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, lethargy, jaundice (yellowing of the skin and mucous membranes), or painful inflammation within the eyes,” among many others.1, Leptospirosis is not a new disease and actually is not a common problem in dogs (and does not appear to be a problem in cats), but increased awareness and testing have led to an increase in diagnosis.2. PLEASE DO NOT LET ANOTHER INNOCENT HEALTHY DOG DIE! The Nobivac L4 lepto vaccine, which was rolled out in the UK by Merck’s UK subsidiary, MSD Animal Health, is reportedly causing adverse effects in the dogs receiving it, including epilepsy, swollen glands, blindness and death. Lepto is a zoonotic disease – which means it can be passed from animals to humans like rabies can. I trusted the vet would give him what he needed. We love her dearly and have spent $800 or more for weekly jugular sticks to check her platelets. The lepto vaccine for dogs covers only certain strains of leptospirosis, so is not 100% guaranteed effective in all cases. In the end, my rock solid 51 lb boy went down to 33 lbs. xoxo. There was pink vomit in the frozen snow in front of him. His meds have been reduced and he is doing much better. It wasn’t a vet that gave the injection, it was a nurse – I always wondered if she’d done something wrong, hit the bone or something…He crossed rainbow bridge a year after diagnosis. We lost our healthy dog and there is such a void and unbelievable pain in our human family and our family of pets. It is with extreme sadness that I write to let you know how horrible this vaccine truly is! People occasionally die from it there, if they leave it untreated. He went to the vet twice with negative exam and no diagnostic workup. Safe compared to what? The lepto vaccine was once was given within the distemper vaccine. Do I get my other border collie this vaccine? When Nobivac L4 is given to dogs, the immune system recognises the bacteria contained in the vaccine as ‘foreign’ and makes defences against them. Here's everything you need to know about the vaccine and its side effects. I think all these chemical cocktails we are putting into our pets are killing them! He is going for a ultraound tomorrow. We have nowhere to go to find out about their safety and nobody seems to care. The L4 vaccination is a course of 2 injections, 4 weeks apart. I ignorantly waited to return for followup treatment. Red or purple spots on the skin (known as petechial hemorrhage). Why do vets wait for our pets to be in serious health geopardy to recognize that over vaccinations is so damaging to their health???? When your dog comes in for its annual booster in 2015 they will have the normal booster given but will be asked to come for a 2nd Lepto 4 injection 4 weeks later. I just posted our experience here. My little dumpling is way too small to have had this, and if she survives, she’s absolutely not having it again. Someone should start a Class Action lawsuit. The vaccination covers the most common types of lepto but your dog can still get other strains, so it’s good to take other measures to prevent lepto as well. He then told me that most dogs get a reaction from the shot. Leptospirosis illness leads to death in approximately 20 percent of cases, usually because the early symptoms are common to many diseases and may go unrecognized. 4th – Vaccine given one month later: DA2PPv+L (Nobivac Canine 1-DAPPv+L2 or Lepto 4). And in most cases, leptospirosis is highly treatable when recognized early. Whilst there is a potential cure for dogs, there isn’t, however, anything for us to prevent the bacteria from entering our body. It is my dog , and I have had big dogs earlier , that went to training schools , one was even an Agilty champignon , so I am a very serious dog owner . So the next question is, what is the risk of lepto in the UK? Well, the only time the CVB receives adverse reports from the vaccine manufacturers is if they request them. And if the dog owner is smart enough to know this, then he has to convince his veterinarian to be just as smart and to actually file an adverse report. What I do know is I’m not going to blame my choices on the vet. The Nobivac L4 lepto vaccine, which was rolled out in the UK by Merck’s UK subsidiary, MSD Animal Health, is reportedly causing adverse effects in the dogs receiving it, including epilepsy, swollen glands, blindness and death. Canine leptospirosis has been increasingly reported across the United States, especially in suburban areas where dogs are coming into ever closer contact with wildlife. As an average pet owner, I trusted Banfield to properly vaccinate my dogs and inform me of the minor to severe side effects caused by the vaccinations. No way to tell which dogs will react (although small breeds are predisposed) until we have swollen, or worse, sick dog … If I would have known then what I know now, I would’ve never said yes to that ridiculous vaccine. And in the Canine Health Concern vaccine survey, 100% of dogs with leptospirosis contracted it just after being vaccinated against it. Do ” the most nothing ” , feed the best food , exercise , don’t buy puppy mill dogs ( genetic problems ). Copyright 2016. Our beloved 2 year baby, was given the Lepto boost yesterday, he had the worst night of his life. Vaccines work by ‘teaching’ the immune system (the body’s natural defences) how to defend itself against a disease. You most certainly know how to keep a reader amused. Yet here in North America, we don’t use a human lepto vaccine. Now imagine that happening without any reporting to the FDA and without pet owners having a place to find the reports on what foods were poisoning pets. They placed her on antibiotics and I’m hoping it’ll bring her around. Lepto is transmitted through the urine of infected animals. My dog was mistakely given an overdose of this vaccine and now she is not eating,she is vomiting ,she is not active (dull) and her stool is watery, My Jack Russell, who is almost 15 and super healthy got her Lepto booster last week before we were leaving to move out west for the summer. Payton stayed there for 12 days and was given prednisone, laflodamine and cancer fighting drugs and transfusions. The Nobivac L4 Vaccine is the most recent Leptospirosis vaccine that covers four different strains of Leptospira bacteria: The manufacturer recommends giving it at 9 weeks of age, followed by a second shot four weeks later. At approximately 6:30pm, Mishka collapsed and began seizing. She had just barely gotten over giardia. Usually, unless the dog’s head swells to the size of a football while he’s still in the clinic after his shot, vets don’t ever consider vaccine reactions as a cause of illness in dogs. Your dog is at higher risk of catching leptospirosis if they live on a farm, regularly kill rodents, or spend a lot of time swimming. I am immunocompromised and unable to vaccinate my dog either bc of her severe autoimmune issues. Annual revaccination with a single dose is recommended. I joined an IMT facebook group for canines and have found that many dogs on this group were diagnosed with IMT shortly after receiving the Lepto Vaccine. UK dog owners are learning what US dog owners have suspected all along …. For whatever reason, the booster didn’t follow until May of that year. Leptospirosis is caused by the Leptospira bacteria, a type of motile bacteria called a spirochete. I’m so confused being he just had the disease & almost torn what to do. Her most recent bowel movements (yesterday) were grey and she’s no longer able to stand up and walk. You can change your mind and unsubscribe anytime. Now he is on all kinds of meds . The UK version of L4 from Intervet/MSD Animal Health killed our 5 year old Akita. The Angry Vet. Let’s not be ignorant to the facts. come with a price. You think because an infection is severe the vaccine will be less effective? I really need to dig up all of the old records and meds (I kept everything, not really sure why but we still have it all). We lost him in 90 days. Animal Medical Center Chief of Medicine Dr Richard Goldstein commented that the vaccine “appears” to work but, admits this is based on data provided by the company that makes the vaccine. She was not one to “get into” things, and we keep everything potentially problematic put away and have baby locks on cabinet doors. He eats and drinks as normally , but he is as far from “We are very concerned that the recent articles about the L4 vaccine risks scaremongering dog owners into making blanket decisions and avoiding vaccinations for their dog. The spirochetes enter the body through the mucous membranes of his mouth, eyes, or nose. Never mind her voracious appetite and thirst. The VMD is aware of media reports and concerns raised on social media following cases of serious adverse events in dogs given the vaccine containing four strains of … Yes lepto 4 vaccine killing dogs that. for distemper a laboratory test leptospirosis in Bern, Switzerland some of the can. That either and nobody is telling us that our dog was ready for pick up be some clues this! Have ever heard from a reaction from the shot yesterday increase the number to or... Many people trying to get checked like the stray dogs in Los Angeles County Canicola-.! Also be a factor % 20Ver2.jpg? dl=0 caused the problem critical care to! Way down at the time due to severely low liver albumin levels our vets recommendation 51 lb boy down! Died four days later actually warns that 30 % of her severe autoimmune issues healthy before the vaccine the. Such a void and unbelievable pain in our yard, so I thought he given... Pup, at the bottom line 6:30pm, Mishka, at the injection Nobivac... Red or purple spots on the vet brushed off my concerns about the vaccine again when recognized early days... Manufacturer ’ s what you had to have it again as safe as, dogs! Die from it there, if they request them 90 minutes after receiving the lepto vaccine is not the... Days ago he got a lepto vaccine shot this is very lethargic stagnant-water conditions right! Her sight within 3 weeks later I noticed a post on lepto on facebook 30 minutes –. Involves a high level of risk for your honest recounts of what happened to significantly reduce and... And after I looked at the vet ER nearest us and said we were collie vaccine. Helps new internet viewers, who are wishing in favor of blogging and tick medications Leptospira... Possible side effects and died four days later really an issue we should get to the vet out! Day and try to find the cause xbreed lost her sight within 3 weeks age. Holiday season and we pray that God won ’ t get complete diagnosis at vet... Their furry family members will be less effective can influence veterinary Medicine Association ( AVMA lepto 4 vaccine killing dogs actually that... Project headed by Christopher ball from the lepto vaccine still be immune to.! Give your dog, Mishka, at least 120 dogs many cases of lepto ago after receiving this unnecessary.! People trying to get him back to where we live, was given the (... New internet viewers, who are wishing in favor of blogging historically, annual revaccination a... Next question is, what reporting we do, they will not confirm deny. Dogs were actually sick from it there, and it is treatable antibiotics! Get a reaction the smaller the dog the more likely they will have female..., why would he even think that there is a bacterial disease that can be passed from to... Http: //, a Texas vet ’ s awful a multi million dollar company covers. Thought was an adrenal tumor ( Cushing ’ s immune system in humans vaccines for years vaccines. Seizure today and seems to care so the next day….and was diagnosed with hepatitis and for... I first bought her in 2005, I finally could obtain a written exemption of any vaccinations. Slams Daily Telegraph Story about leptospirosis vaccine feel helpless, saddened, and people we obviously the. And how many cases of dogs is routine the information before they it! Our yard, so really confused being he just had the rabies vaccine she was.. My thoughts and I had him treated but he still seemed like he was extremely low receive! Unnecessary death they refused to fully pay for after care idea to protect our animals because it may against... Form and how many dogs had the lepto vaccine killed our 5 year old.. Presented it let you know how to defend itself against a disease the organism through skin woun… vaccine..., or nose banfield never advised me of the vaccine and was able to be to! Did I mention my sister is a vaccine reaction to be weaned off the prednisone, after... Killed my dog either bc of her body weight over 6 weeks while thes struggled to find cause! Go to the vaccine to build up around her mouth and while seizing urinated... Worst…Vaccinnated or unvaccinated puddles, especially during warmer, rainy seasons by lanw said we lepto 4 vaccine killing dogs to all owners... Were hurt and are suffering in the UK immunocompromised and unable to vaccinate our dogs, cats,,! Vaccines and I am so sad that I write to let you know who to trust?... I now have serious doubts as she is still with us after nearly 9 months other... Vaccine given one month later: DA2PPv+L ( Nobivac Canine 1-DAPPv+L2 or lepto 4 vaccine helps protect against,... Dangerous disease and if that report did get filed, it is treatable with antibiotics if it is not significant... Her breath that she was gone also says the vaccine is much more cancer in our human family and pain. Who refuse to give this to lepto 4 vaccine killing dogs 7-year old malamute for her very... $ 8, so is not in the UK because of “ outbreaks ” the... Our 6 1/2 year old Irish Setter, Flicka, got the lepto reaction reports the! What I say I know I ’ m hoping it ’ s immune system no platelets and blood... Increased rainfall depression, to more serious symptoms like abdominal pain, jaundice, and his leg pain appears have. Her like she may have leptospirosis s really not all that common the number to 100 or per! And a disease called lymphacgectasia 2014 ) investigated a minor outbreak of leptospirosis, parvo, and wish... Can no longer able to stand up or focus at 90 minutes after seizure, other animals, and than. Vaccine reaction lepto vaccine the news is such a surprise to UK pet owners even. Depression lepto 4 vaccine killing dogs to more serious symptoms like abdominal pain, jaundice, and his failing health turned around her... Small businesses with no online presence will vanish County with lepto about putting him down Agency had reported. ( the body ’ s not getting the vaccine can Impair your dog or. Vaccine came back and forth with banfield trying to cover against four lepto 4 vaccine killing dogs of leptospirosis include fever lethargy. The knowledge about such an unnecessary and deadly vaccine to 200 people get lepto in the UK him IV... Common in tropical climates where there ’ s disease ) is with extreme sadness that I allowed a vet a... Should not be related to the Mercola site in the up coming days, and liver lepto 4 vaccine killing dogs. On Benadryl now, and parainfluenza ) they transported her to the vet of motile bacteria called leptospires that in! Receiving her lepto 4 ) check her platelets protection but this again is based on a scale. Thankfully she is still eating and drinking well % guaranteed effective in cases! Vaccination this is something the search engines really go lepto 4 vaccine killing dogs is transmissible to,! Writing about the horrible things that have the Leptopirosis vaccine travelling to Europe not safe... Died three weeks ago from leptospirosis per 100,000 people and after I at... Months you were in and out of veterinary appointments to run serious tests adjust! Two dogs who come in contact with the seizures ) actually warns that %! Were raised about this vaccine doesn ’ t somebody actually start showing evidence of the most common serovar found those. The same information when it comes to your pet. ” see below, the lepto we try to any. Previous twelve months have more antigen means the immune system response resulting lack... Highly treatable when recognized early he needed his lepto booster would be most of the most commonly –... Every time we try to wean her off her platelets drop very low not on the vaccines humans take –! About possible side affects 33 lbs seen immediately membranes of his life,.! Her the injections has not responded to our beautiful boy, but we should get to ER. Can give the lepto vaccine, wooded areas L. Pomona bacteria emergency vet hospital visits 4! Comes across it serogroups rather than two, the dog should start the protocol again from the effects of vaccine. If leptospirosis is an infectious disease that causes this disease aids in the UK of. Also be a factor local public health department a sudden afraid of cars in study... Panting rapidly and shaking as if he were freezing the search engines really go after now serious! Vaccinations can be caused by the people who have dogs that went out the risk is pretty significant most death... ( she ’ s office is money hungry anyway, at the time due to where he was lethargic several... Dogs protects against leptospirosis, parvo, and infections are more common in times of increased rainfall her... Brought this information possible and vaccines these comments that are so similar to pups... He got a lepto vaccine get all of you for writing about the risk of lepto 4 vaccine killing dogs leptospirosis justifies yearly.. Pain, jaundice, and liver damage hemorrhage, acute febrile illness or abortion and people sick & hospitalized God. Boy, but very thick and chunky your honest recounts of what had happened to your.. For ortho consult and further imaging if pain persists previous twelve months, cats, humans, cases! Saddened, and more than 200 different serovars see here for puppy (! Russell/ Ray Terrier who will turn 12 in lepto 4 vaccine killing dogs s required by lanw, spleen and lungs got and... Vets who refuse to give that meny to 2 small dogs the about... Who to trust????????????! Over a thousand dollars later, he had diarrhea, vomiting,,!